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tattered / оборванный, драный, рваный
имя прилагательное
ragged, tattered, tatty, tagrag
tattered, ragged, raggy
ragged, tattered, lacerated, raggy
имя прилагательное
old and torn; in poor condition.
an old woman in tattered clothes
The labourers were in a bad condition, with tattered clothes and worn-out expressions.
On a main road leading north of Kabul, another refugee pushed a cart piled high with pots and pans, a metal trunk and a few tattered carpets.
The tattered clothes of the majority of shoeless, rural and urban poor are outward signs of the poverty they endure.
I walk away cautiously, tip toeing along the path, aware of the many holes in my tattered hiking boots.
Within days the original manuscripts arrived at his home - tattered , torn, pale and faded.
He would find his clothes tattered and torn and his belongings smashed.
They didn't provide much shelter, she noted, still soaked from the rain and with streaks of mud on her face and tattered clothes.
Rich men with tailored suits knelt by poor men in tattered clothes.
Four teens ran down the dirt path of a town, their clothes tattered and patched, but not dirty.
Sitting in his second-floor office down the tattered end of Islington, north London, he promises real change.