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taster / дегустатор, дегустационный прибор, рецензент издательства
имя существительное
дегустационный прибор
рецензент издательства
имя существительное
a person employed to test food or drink for quality by tasting it.
experienced tasters can tell which plantation coffee beans are from
a small quantity or brief experience of something, intended as a sample; a taste.
the song is a taster for the band's new LP
A French gastro-psycho-thriller about the psychologically twisted relationship between a young waiter and a pompous, manipulative businessman who hires him as a food taster .
The first day's walking from Knighton to Felindre provides a good taster of what to expect.
For a taster of the night, log on to the Test the Nation website and take the sample test - www.bbc.co.uk/testthenation.
This is quite a nice idea, as you don't just get a leaflet for the show, but several pages of information that gives you a taster of what it's all about.
I hadn't had time to ponder on what my taster of a Bird Experience Day at Leighton Hall's falconry would involve.
We are on the telly again tomorrow night when we face Nottingham Forest and that might be a taster for a match that will be played at the end of the season.
a tea taster
He started at Taylors as a trainee taster and quality sales assistant, dealing in tea and coffee.
The Swindon singing surgeon is to treat shoppers this Easter with a musical taster from his CD.
This was the quality-control taster , said our guide.