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tasteless / безвкусный, пресный, с дурным вкусом
имя прилагательное
tasteless, gaudy, flavorless, insipid, inelegant, bland
fresh, unleavened, insipid, vapid, sweet, tasteless
с дурным вкусом
имя прилагательное
lacking flavor.
They have a chewy texture not unlike meat and, since they are basically tasteless , you can flavour them any way you like.
considered to be lacking in aesthetic judgment or to offend against what is regarded as appropriate behavior.
a tasteless joke
People often complain that tomatoes sold in supermarkets are bland and tasteless compared with those fresh from the vine.
At issue are postage stamps that are tasteless and racially offensive.
There is no doubt that certain adverts will be found to be tasteless , insulting, or offensive to certain people - even large groups of people.
Research published last year showed Scots do not like counting calories and find healthy foods tasteless and boring.
I think it is crude, tasteless , and not to mention a cheap stab at getting attention.
However, your pun, besides having little relation to Carlsbad's piece, was both tasteless and offensive.
Get called tasteless , crass and unfeeling towards the other victims of the hurricane.
We settled for lager - and got the most insipid, tasteless liquid I've swallowed in a long time.
After a few days, even the best instant coffee is much more bland and tasteless .
But all those parodies and crude appeals to the worst and most tasteless side of our nature, make me despair of human creativity.