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tasteful / сделанный со вкусом, обладающий вкусом, обладающий хорошим вкусом
имя прилагательное
сделанный со вкусом
tasteful, nice
обладающий вкусом
обладающий хорошим вкусом
имя прилагательное
showing good aesthetic judgment or appropriate behavior.
Sarah's modest, tasteful apartment
The Piccadilly side of the river could, indeed, be made much better with some tasteful development and facilities.
It showed a good bit of skin, but in the right places to make it tasteful and elegant.
Tucked away amongst the tasteful hotels and high-walled houses, is the Nativity Church.
Every year now brings the opening of some tasteful new attraction.
The only way this town's name should find its way back on the map is through a tasteful commemorative national park.
Rather than creating a tasteful artist, we have in many cases, trained robots.
Well, they've dealt with some pretty thorny issues in a reasonably tasteful way.
It treads a delicate line between tasteful extravagance and over-the-top kitsch - you decide.
Please keep your answers clean and tasteful , and only slightly surreal.
Am I ready for the blandness of tasteful white walls and artistic black and white photographic prints?