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tassel / кисточка, кисть, закладка
имя существительное
brush, paintbrush, tassel, raceme, cluster, pencil
bookmark, marker, bookmarker, backing, stowage, tassel
выбрасывать стрелку
spear, sucker, tassel
имя существительное
a tuft of loosely hanging threads, cords, or other material knotted at one end and attached for decoration to home furnishings, clothing, or other items.
Each panel is embroidered before assembling the skirt and decorative welting, cord and tassels are added for just the perfect finishing touch.
provide with a tassel or tassels.
a tasseled tablecloth
(of corn or other plants) form tassels.
Most dryland corn will tassel when plants are 3-4 feet tall.
My gown had three velvet stripes on each flowing sleeve and my tassel was gold.
Others bear odd-shaped ears, such as one that looks like an onion bulb or another that is branched, with a tassel resembling a Christmas tree.
Depending on plant growth stage, these tiny cutworms may proceed to the unfolding whorl where they feed on parts of the emerging tassel , or move directly to the ear or leaf axil.
Corn began to tassel across much of the state this week just as the record-breaking heat wave gave in to several days of ‘brisk’ summer temperatures in the 80s.
Wrap tassel drapery cords around the pillow and tie them to the chair.
In the maize tassel , gibberellin concentration is 100-fold lower than in the developing ears.
the pollen forms on the tassel
During pollination the female portion of the plant receives pollen from the tassel , resulting in fertilization of the ovule (kernel).
He peeled back a tassel , exposing irregular kernels.
If supplies are limited, you may want to delay water application until the crop begins to tassel .