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task / задача, задание, урок
имя существительное
problem, task, objective, goal, exercise, why
task, job, assignment, mission, target, exercise
lesson, class, example, period, task, job
задавать работу
overload, overburden, transship, supercharge, reload, task
burden, encumber, charge, load, saddle, task
имя существительное
a piece of work to be done or undertaken.
You are not afraid of taking on difficult tasks or ventures that call for skillful manoeuvres.
assign a piece of work to.
NATO troops are tasked with separating the warring parties
this is a thankless task
If the public does not trust the political system then our task is made doubly difficult.
They say that retaining a county championship is a difficult task to say the least.
to undertake a tough task
they were given the task of collecting the rubbish
It was a difficult task , he said, but so far they had managed to stay on top of it.
a new manager was given the task of developing the club's talent
That the task remains difficult does not mean the effort is not worthwhile.
Already there are signs that implementing the new justice will be a difficult task .
Controlling the diet of a child is a difficult task and depends on age and personality.