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taser / электрошоковый пистолет
имя существительное
электрошоковый пистолет
имя существительное
a weapon firing barbs attached by wires to batteries, causing temporary paralysis.
fire a Taser at (someone) in order to incapacitate them temporarily.
The weapon was a taser , a stun gun that temporarily numbs your body with 50,000 volts of energy.
I strongly urge you to learn martial arts, and to find out the law about carrying mace/pepper spray, and/or an electric taser .
If you want to arm pilots, it would be much smarter to give them billy clubs or tasers .
Women in Baton Rouge are taking self-defense courses, arming themselves with tasers , pepper spray and mace.
There was pepper spray, tasers , stun guns, and you know, stuff like that.