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tartan / шотландка, шотландский плед, клетчатая шерстяная материя
имя существительное
plaid, tartan, Scotswoman, schottische, Scotchwoman, Caledonian
шотландский плед
клетчатая шерстяная материя
имя прилагательное
сделанный из шотландки
имя существительное
a woolen cloth woven in one of several patterns of plaid, especially of a design associated with a particular Scottish clan.
The company directors of Beartas designed a new tartan , woven in Harris Tweed and called the ‘Isle of Harris Tartan’.
a lateen-rigged, single-masted ship used in the Mediterranean.
The tartan was a small vessel that navigated along the coast of the Mediterranean.
имя прилагательное
used allusively in reference to Scotland or the Scots.
Scotland isn't just tartan fun and highland jinks, it's urban youth culture as well.
Chief investment officer Wendy Hay, dubbed Scotland's superwoman and a tartan version of City investment boss Nicola Horlick, was first to be directed to the exit door.
The band has worked hard raising funds for the tartan which cost around £1,000 to design and £300 to kit out each band member.
He was wearing a tartan patterned lumberjack shirt and jeans.
Not for him even one of the 300,000 tartan fans specially produced by VisitScotland to promote Scotland in the States.
To date, yes: we've peddled tartan schlock in the form of hokum Burns Night suppers to generations of tourists so we can't blame them for finding novelty in the trappings of the occasion.
The whole point of a tartan is to get many colours working together, weaving themselves into a beautiful pattern.
Each of Scotland's clans has its own tartan , developed over the centuries.
The first is to prevent Scottish MPs from voting on issues that don't affect Scotland, but Blair needs his tartan army and so that is unlikely to happen.
The company directors of Beartas designed a new tartan , woven in Harris Tweed and called the ‘Isle of Harris Tartan’.
The first is a negative tartan tax to incentivise business location in Scotland.