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tart / пирог, шлюха, проститутка
имя существительное
pie, tart, pasty, gateau
whore, slut, hooker, harlot, prostitute, tart
prostitute, hooker, whore, harlot, streetwalker, tart
имя прилагательное
tart, harsh, rough, acerbic, acerb, acidy
sour, acidic, acid, tart, vinegary, acidy
caustic, pungent, acrid, corrosive, tart, biting
имя прилагательное
sharp or acid in taste.
a tart apple
имя существительное
an open pastry case containing a filling.
There are bagels and muffins, chocolate chip cookies, eclairs, tarts , Danish pastries, baklavas and quiches.
a woman who dresses or behaves in a way that is considered tasteless and sexually provocative.
dress or make oneself up in order to look attractive or eye-catching.
After sleeping late, Wade and I tarted ourselves up and walked a few minutes down Cheltenham Beach to North Head where Byron and Briar were to be married.
Incredibly, after all that, we decided we still had room for dessert, and we tried a tart Cranberry Apple Crisp and a luscious Espresso Nut Brownie.
On his way out, Zossimov makes a tart remark about Dounia's attractiveness to Razumihin.
One of our choices was an apple crumble, which brilliantly combined sweet and tart tastes, together with vanilla parfait and toffee sauce.
That tart comment certainly left its impact on Sunny.
Place pineapple on dessert plate and top with chocolate tart and ice cream.
Boyle went on to characterize acids, noting their sour or tart taste and their ability to corrode metals.
The pork was beautifully cooked, but the soft Bramley apple slices were very tart and not to my taste.
She was old enough to be Bahzell's mother, and her tart tone was so like his old nurse's that he grinned despite his tension.
This compound has a fruity flavour which, when added to the tart taste of acetic acid, gives the complex character to a good wine vinegar.
The starter of wild mushroom salad was a delight of deep, earthy tastes with a tart balsamic dressing to sharpen up the wild fungus.