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tarry / медлить, ждать, дожидаться
delay, linger, tarry, stay, pause, temporize
wait, wait for, expect, await, watch, tarry
wait, be waiting, wait up, tarry
имя прилагательное
покрытый дегтем
вымазанный дегтем
имя существительное
residence, stay, staying, tenure, indwelling, tarry
delay, procrastination, protraction, tarry
имя прилагательное
of, like, or covered with tar.
a length of tarry rope
stay longer than intended; delay leaving a place.
she could tarry a bit and not get home until four
The sight of mainly German and Swiss tourists wandering around the beach covered from head to toe in tarry black ‘anti-ageing’ mud certainly gives me a laugh.
The bleached wood floor is covered in tarry splats.
But thou shouldst not tarry here for thine own sake.
she could tarry a bit and not get home until four
The tarry substance was splashed over doors, wings, windows and bonnets.
Two days after the flood, I heard loud banging noises once again, went to the kitchen and found the stabiliser burning like a torch and emitting heavy, tarry smoke.
She said the youths kicked a football against her fence; climbed into her garden, despite the black, tarry anti-burglar paint; shouted insults at her; and banged on her windows.
It was filling, the whole thing extravagantly scented with chunks of cinnamon bark and wood-scented, tarry black cardamom.
Symptoms are either visibly red stools or tarry black stools.
Evidence of methane rainfall came from Huygens's images of the surface, which showed sinuous, branching channels extending from relatively bright highlands to a tarry plain.