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tarpaulin / брезент, штормовка, просмоленная парусина
имя существительное
tarpaulin, canvas
просмоленная парусина
имя прилагательное
canvas, tarpaulin
имя существительное
heavy-duty waterproof cloth, originally of tarred canvas.
The sun was quite low when the train pulled into another yard, and he had covered them with tarpaulin once again.
a sailor's tarred or oilskin hat.
A farmer is not exposed to falling ropes, or spars, or tackle-hence, does not need a stiff tarpaulin , like a sailor or a fireman.
The cause of the crash was not clear although a set of wheels came off the final carriage and investigators covered a set of points immediately behind the accident scene with blue tarpaulin , suggesting a fault on either train or track.
The tiles were covered in tarpaulin and pegged down while the police were informed.
Endless hours of coverage of a grey Wimbledon with green tarpaulin over the courts does little to promote the tournament as one of the great sporting events of the 21st century.
Conditions were hard with up to 10,000 people living in squalor under tarpaulin and surviving on corn meal and wheat.
A quantity of drugs were recovered from the house and a high-value car, which was found covered by tarpaulin in the front garden, was removed to be stripped down and examined.
The trucks were dusty and neglected, their tyres rotting and flat and sinking into the ground, but when the two ladies pulled back a tarpaulin , they found that the trucks were full of gems and precious stones and pearls and gold coins.
The option was of course, to down tools, rush off to the Hyper Value, buy a big piece of tarpaulin and cover the huge open space in our front wall.
Crews have covered the roof with salvage tarpaulin to protect the house from the weather while repairs are made.
We spent the night out under the stars, about 30 of us rolled up in our tarpaulin , with a circle of colourful flags and our GE Free banners surrounding us.
He was wearing a ripped coat, tied up with string at the waist, and he sat with his feet tucked under his legs on an exposed crate, the tarpaulin turned back neatly around him.