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tariff / тариф, такса, расценка
имя существительное
rate, tariff
dachshund, tariff, German badger-dog
rate, price, quotation, tariff, valuation
имя прилагательное
tariff, tariff scale
tariff, rate
включить в тариф
установить расценку
имя существительное
a tax or duty to be paid on a particular class of imports or exports.
The introduction of Value Added Tax in July 1999 enabled the government to remove tariffs and import duties.
fix the price of (something) according to a tariff.
these services are tariffed by volume
Even though 99 per cent of the high-end watches in the China market are imported, the tax authorities can only collect the watch tariff and value-added tax, he said.
If there were any doubts about the standard of the hotel, its cheap tariff leaves no room for second thoughts.
The decision by the Confederacy in February 1861 to levy a tariff on the import of goods provoked a discussion about the expanding trade between the Upper and Lower South.
I was told categorically that premium rate calls can be charged at whatever tariff the market will stand!
"The tariff explicitly lists agro-machinery that enjoys duty free status, and our officers are guided by this tabulation," he said.
Technology Telecom says its customers can save 20 per cent compared to BT's business tariffs and a 5 per cent discount on BT line charges.
Some hotels have lowered their tariffs by between 30 and 50 per cent.
Responding to media speculation about the price increases, the Energy Ministry last Friday rejected reports that it was considering cancelling night tariffs for electricity.
Under the safeguard, Japan can levy stiff tariffs on the imports if their volume exceeds the average of the past three years.
Forex rates, climatic conditions, flight, bus and train timings, road maps, hotel and lodge tariffs along with phone numbers are also given.