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targe / маленький круглый щит
имя существительное
маленький круглый щит
targe, target
In Jacobite times, targes were the highlanders' main means of defence in battle.
Their blood up, the Jacobites, most of them armed with small round shields, known as targes , and double-edged broadswords, hurtled down the slope.
To the Highlanders the Targe was both a life preserving tool and a status symbol with ornate decorations.
Some targes had center bosses of brass, and a few of these could accept a long steel spike which screwed into a small ‘puddle’ of lead which was fixed to the wood, under the boss.
As the claymores, targes and antique pistols on the walls of Seaforth Cottage also testify, domicile north of the Great Glen can also engender a degree of swashbuckling.