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tardy / запоздалый, поздний, медлительный
имя прилагательное
belated, late, overdue, tardy, later, dilatory
late, later, latter, last, tardy, belated
slow, sluggish, dilatory, tardy, lingering, lagging
имя прилагательное
delaying or delayed beyond the right or expected time; late.
please forgive this tardy reply
The sure signs of the collapse are everywhere - nothing is moving; projects are not progressing; whatever work takes place happens at a tardy pace.
I now view the American military with awe and admiration: it is as difficult to provoke the United States as it is to survive its eventual and tardy response.
It is a dire coach company in the UK, to be avoided at all costs for their provision of uncomfortable seats and tardy services.
Not surprisingly, the notoriously tardy musician is late.
On one trip in Africa, a tardy photographer was left behind and had to catch us up in the next country.
Although the president said he would return to the Gulf Coast tomorrow, his initial response was deemed tardy and inadequate by many observers.
Howard's belated triumphalism in the South Pacific may be no more successful than Mussolini's equally tardy attempts at empire building in North Africa.
This is despite the introduction of late payment legislation three years ago that, in theory, allows a supplier to hit tardy payers with interest penalties.
It has been a long time coming and since AMD began its head-to-head battle with Intel's Athlon processor two years ago, this response is very tardy .
So I beg your forgiveness for being tardy with mail.