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tarantula / тарантул
имя существительное
имя существительное
a large hairy spider found chiefly in tropical and subtropical America, some kinds of which are able to catch small lizards, frogs, and birds.
The children were given the chance to handle giant snails, snake, frogs, tarantulas , scorpions, millipedes and cockroaches.
a large black wolf spider of southern Europe whose bite was formerly believed to cause tarantism.
By means of dancing and sweating, those bitten by tarantulas endeavor to expel the infected vapors.
He also came face to face with a bearded dragon - an Australian lizard, stick insects and a tarantula .
Researchers are using two species in Belize, the redrump tarantula and the cinnamon tarantula , implanted with radio transponders to help monitor forest degradation.
Next, they listened to a brief taped story about a spider while they viewed three photographs of a tarantula .
Not so long ago the sight of a large, brown, hairy tarantula was enough to inspire fear and loathing in everyone except the most ardent enthusiast.
Tarantism, that is, the disease resulting from having been bitten by a tarantula , was well known in southern Europe, and references to it permeated medical literature, music, and folklore for 500 years or more.
We saw tarantulas and spiders and bugs crawling all over the place!
Baboon spiders or tarantulas , as they are known outside Africa, are the giants of the spider world.
Alternatively, the foot secretions may have evolved independently in tarantulas to help the relatively large spiders move around safely, he adds.
By means of dancing and sweating, those bitten by tarantulas endeavor to expel the infected vapors.
He and colleagues studied several other spider species and so far have found tarantulas to be the only species that use silken secretions from their feet.