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taproot / стержневой корень
имя существительное
стержневой корень
имя существительное
a straight tapering root growing vertically downward and forming the center from which subsidiary rootlets spring.
At each harvest date, three vessels of three plants each or six plants were separated into leaves, stems, taproots , lateral roots, flowers, pods, and grains.
They do not send up a green shoot in the fall; instead, a thick taproot grows down several cm into the soil.
Xylem and xylem parenchyma can be recognized in the centre of the taproot surrounded by a ring of meristematic tissue with very high intensity.
The cowpea seedlings were carefully removed from the growth pouches and the few laterals, found at the basal portion of the taproot, were cut to leave only the taproot .
The number and basal diameter of the major first-order lateral roots, defined as roots with a diameter >0,5 mm, 40 mm from the insertion at the taproot , were measured.
Old generative plants are characterized by less-vigorous stems with lower stature and with only one weakly developed umbel, and an extensive taproot with many stumps of previous flower stalks.
Oenothera macrocarpa is a low, sprawling plant with a large taproot .
The root system will have a deteriorated taproot and lateral roots will only be evident in the upper soil profile.
All downy oaks had a taproot plus shallow horizontal roots.
Its primary taproot easily grows to 15 feet and when searching for moisture, as deep as 150 feet.
All genes are transcribed in taproots while transcription in leaves is low or undetectable.