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taproom / пивная, бар
имя существительное
pub, brasserie, alehouse, beerhouse, porterhouse, taproom
bar, bar, cafe, saloon, tavern, taproom
имя существительное
a room in which alcoholic drinks, especially beer, are available on tap; a bar in a hotel or inn.
One day, he wandered into the taproom of Lionel's pub.
The shout cracked across the taproom , and surprise jerked his head around.
The innkeeper's wife passed him as he left the taproom .
One day, he wandered into the taproom of Lionel's pub.
He saw to his horse and then went looking for the taproom .
The proprietor of the Falling Rock taproom in Denver, says that's a good reason to look at these winter seasonals.
He stumbled back into the taproom , hoping that, by the time she came to, he'd be passed out.
Drinkers were served in the taproom , a large single room furnished with trestle tables and benches.
He slapped me a big one and went over to the noisy gang in the taproom .
In the taproom , a place filled with smoke, noise and the scent of strong ale, one man nudged his companion.
Those keen features that might have been attractive had they not been so sunken and calculating, recalled to her a smoggy taproom on a dreadful night not long ago.