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taper / конус, конусность, уклон
имя существительное
cone, taper, bell, bevel, nozzle
taper, draft, obliquity
skew, slope, bias, deviation, gradient, taper
имя прилагательное
taper, conical, tapering, conic, coniform, conoid
длинный и тонкий
spindly, taper
суживать к концу
taper, taper off
sharpen, taper, thin down, thin, edge, acuminate
суживаться к концу
taper, taper off
имя существительное
a slender candle.
Many people may feel that formal candles, such as tapers , are commonplace necessities for a sophisticated dinner party.
diminish or reduce or cause to diminish or reduce in thickness toward one end.
the tail tapers to a rounded tip
His biggest drawback is his lack of symmetry, a sticking point that you can see in the overdeveloped obliques that hinder his ability to convey a classic V taper .
A well-built manifold will also have the proper degree of taper to the ports to maximize velocity.
After the leader is cut, the top whorl and the sides of the tree are sheared to the desired cone shape and taper .
Many patients have at least one recurrence of disease activity during the course of the taper .
Carissa lit a taper in the outer room and lit the lanterns in her secret room.
A leaf spring consists of a number of leaves, all but one of which should have their taper already formed.
While she was gone a menial came by to light the ceiling lamps, a touch with a burning taper on the end of a pole and the gas wicks glowed to life.
There are two ways to do this, most rifle cartridges have some degree of case body taper and it's a simple enough matter to get rid of some and slightly increase powder capacity.
"Ok," He shrugged, handing me a taper to light one of the little candles with.
Visual observation suggested the presence of a strong taper in most of the studied taproots.