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tap / кран, отвод, ответвление
имя существительное
crane, tap, faucet, cock, spigot, water tap
tap, challenge, diversion, branch, bend, offset
branch, offshoot, tap, arm, fork, offset
tap, pitter-patter
pump, pump out, deflate, tap, empty, exhaust
tap, tackle, milk, strangulate
имя существительное
a device by which a flow of liquid or gas from a pipe or container can be controlled.
Look for a model with digital output temperature control, which delivers consistently hot water from the tap , regardless of flow rate.
an instrument for cutting a threaded hole in a material.
The Heiner screw box and its original tap are for threads of two-inch nominal diameter with two and a half threads per inch.
a taproom.
The tap was a veritable hub of activity and human drama.
a quick light blow or the sound of such a blow.
A quick tap on the first door to his right was all he gave before pushing it open and entering.
tap dancing.
Soon after she got a job as a dancing assistant in tap at Arthur Murray Studios.
draw liquid through the tap or spout of (a cask, barrel, or other container).
bragging of tests they had aced and kegs they had tapped
cut a thread in (something) to accept a screw.
For this I had to drill holes in the frame and tap them so the screws turn in the frame.
strike (someone or something) with a quick light blow or blows.
one of my staff tapped me on the shoulder
designate or select (someone) for a task or honor, especially membership in an organization or committee.
he had been tapped earlier to serve in Costa Rica
He and I danced the gypsy tap , the mambo and the samba, just as we had in my garage.
Her micro-course crème brûlées were faultless, the caramel cracking obligingly with the lightest tap of a spoon, the base just on the oozing side of set.
When she eventually opened a dance studio, she hadn't heard of rhythm tap .
Fill pan with cheesecake mixture, tap on counter and let stand for 10 minutes to allow air bubbles to rise to surface.
he considered whom he could tap for information
there was a sharp tap at the door
This power tap is connected to the expansion-slot rocker power switch which screws into a free PCI backpanel.
We do not tap telephones or install eavesdropping equipment illegally.
For a weekly fee of $650, each dancer gets a morning of either jazz, ballet or tap , followed by an afternoon of their own choice of dance curriculum.
Loop length, the presence of load coil, bridge tap and wideband noise can affect DSL performance adversely.