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tankard / кружка, высокая пивная кружка
имя существительное
mug, pot, tankard, pint, jar, can
высокая пивная кружка
blackjack, tankard
имя существительное
a tall beer mug, typically made of silver or pewter, with a handle and sometimes a hinged lid.
I'm not one of those that laments the old thick dimpled beer tankards with handles on the side.
It was a big tankard, silver-sterling silver tankard , with his name on it, and the date and the name of the film.
The tankard of beer was beaded with condensation and deliciously cold.
She came back with a cow horn tankard of beer, brown foam sliding down one side.
There sat a very large, intricately worked silver tankard , around the base of which languidly lay a thin aristocratic-looking hand.
Hw drew himself a tankard of ale and carried it and Gunnar's drink to the Swede's table.
I've downed a tankard of ale
But he raised a pewter tankard of foaming ale to celebrate the success of his campaign and will be back next week
He glanced up from his tankard as the tavern door swung open and a tall cloaked man entered.
I must have either surprised the men by asking or looked incredibly stupid standing there with a tankard of ale clutched in one hand.
He poured a tankard of beer, and placed it between the acrobat's feet, eliciting an oath as he deliberately spilt some over his crotch.