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tango / танго
имя существительное
танцевать танго
имя существительное
a ballroom dance originating in Buenos Aires, characterized by marked rhythms and postures and abrupt pauses.
The Argentine tango originated in Buenos Aires at the turn of the last century.
a code word representing the letter T, used in voice communication by radio.
It is very easy to be confused between the letters B and P, M and N etc. when speaking over the radio or telephone for example ‘TOM’ you would pronounce this as:- Tango Oscar Mike.
dance the tango.
They've spun, tangoed , waltzed, rumbaed, salsaed, funked, jazzed, hip-hopped and twirled their little hearts out and now they're sashaying off into the sunset in an hour-long final.
And for any wallflowers out there, an item called Dance-Mate promises to pair viewers up with other dance fans looking for a partner to tango with.
Silently, he stops and gazes at a painting of a man and woman dancing the tango underneath the umbrellas of their servants; the shopkeeper sees him, and she goes outside to talk with him.
Women dance flamenco and tango and belly dancing.
He caps them with the theme rewritten as a polka/waltz, a tango , a czardas, in ragtime, and ‘in the style of film music.’
Popular folk music, tango , and national rock were back on the radio and national television to contribute to the national bonding.
If you're tempted to tango among the tulips, Tango Libre kicks off its annual Tango in the Park at the end of the month.
Right from his young age, he used to play on his piano, Bach, jazz, rock, tango and folk music from Argentina.
She was playing a famous tango and singing it in perfect Castillian.
She and a girlfriend pretended to tango , striding across the floor, tossing their long hair over their shoulders as they turned, then nearly falling over with laughter.
Precisely because tango music is devoid of drums it makes it a perfect vehicle for remixers to superimpose beats and drum patterns.