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tangle / путаница, сплетение, спутанный клубок
имя существительное
confusion, tangle, mess, mix, jumble, mishmash
plexus, tangle, web, interlacement, tissue, rete
спутанный клубок
tangle, snarl
tangle, entangle, foul, knot, kink, ravel
tangle, foul, kink, knot, ravel
complicate, tangle, perplex, puzzle, ravel, intricate
имя существительное
a confused mass of something twisted together.
a tangle of golden hair
any of a number of brown seaweeds, especially oarweed.
An entirely natural extract, it is based on seaweed or tangle , widely available around Scotland's shores and islands.
twist together into a confused mass.
the broom somehow got tangled up in my long skirt
a ploy to tangle matters even further
I've spent some time watching the bands, all heaped together in a tangle of charity shop clothing, talking about their music.
Again, either way it is quite easy to anticipate an enormous tangle of legal disputes if this proposal were adopted.
The lawsuits consist of an immensely complicated tangle of legal proceedings, which need only be outlined here.
She fought through the tangle of brushwood trying to catch up with her fleeing friend.
Her music was neither primal punk nor introspective blues but a more complex tangle of emotions shared by both.
All of that creates a further unnecessary tangle , and potential extra costs in terms of time, money, and compliance for both a staff member and an employer.
I love to tangle my hands up in the strings, let them go free, then tangle them up again.
Throw in the fact that you need to master a few other programs to support the design software and you have a confusing tangle of programs to learn all at once
I do think beneath the tangle of consumer culture we do have quite simple needs - love, sex and affection, satisfying work, feelings of progression.