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tang / хвостовик, резкий привкус, острый запах
имя существительное
shank, tang, butt
резкий привкус
острый запах
ring, chime, ting, ring up, ring at, tang
ring, clink, jingle, ding, clang, tang
громко звучать
имя существительное
a strong taste, flavor, or smell.
the clean salty tang of the sea
the projection on the blade of a tool such as a knife, by which the blade is held firmly in the handle.
The knife has a curvaceous handle with front and rear guards built into the full tang blade steel.
a tanging sound.
"Back to port," she shouts above the tang of the bell and rumble of the bus and I don't know if there's a driver or if there's someone swinging the mast to catch the nonexistent breeze to take us in another direction.
a surgeonfish that occurs around reefs and rocky areas, where it browses on algae.
The great clouds of yellow black and white banner angelfish, brilliant blue fusiliers, yellow tangs and smart surgeonfish are gone.
make a loud ringing or clanging sound.
the bronze bell tangs
имя существительное
a dynasty ruling China 618– circa 906, a period noted for territorial conquest and great wealth and regarded as the golden age of Chinese poetry and art.
Then she smelt the sharp tang of sulphur again and turned back.
The blades are housed in a brass lining and feature the Remington trademark etch and tang stamp.
The new Winchesters feature inertial triggers and a conventional tang safety that also doubles as a barrel selector.
I noticed the slight tang of ginger on his breath.
The Puma rifles, not carbines, are already drilled and tapped for tang sights.
She had missed the smell of the sea, the salty tang to the breeze that brushed her cloak and her hair.
He created a unique fusion of the swing of the US big bands of the 40s and the tang of his Cuban roots, aimed fairly and squarely at the dance floor and at popular appeal.
Winchester has reintroduced the tang safety on its lever actions this year, replacing the unpopular cross-bolt safety.
The tapered tang reduces weight in the handle and places the balance further forward where it increases control.
Of course the most notable feature of the series is the absence of a protruding grip safety tang .