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tamp / набивать, подбивать, трамбовать
fill, stuff, line, tamp, pack, print
tamp, incite, line, shoe, resole, resoluble
tamp, ram, puddle, beetle, roll
pack (a blast hole) full of clay or sand to concentrate the force of the explosion.
when the hole was tamped to the top, gunpowder was inserted
In firm ground you can just fill in around the hole and tamp the dirt down.
Use the end of a hand tool or a stick to tamp the soil until firm.
Lay the pavings with uniform joints and firmly tamp into the bedding.
Meanwhile, she rocked back and forth to tamp down the sand.
The team used hand tools to tamp the aggregate into the mortar as the structure slowly rose from the seafloor.
When the post is properly aligned, tamp it thoroughly to pack the dirt (if used) around the base of the post.
Pack soil firmly and tamp to remove air pockets.
Lightly sprinkle the sand with water and tamp it down before installing the liner.
They also tamp the dirt around the seeds, giving the seeds a better chance of germinating.
Gently tamp the soil around the base of each plant.