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tame / ручной, банальный, скучный
имя прилагательное
manual, hand, tame, handheld, pet, domestic
banal, commonplace, trite, corny, trivial, tame
boring, dull, tedious, blah, uninspired, tame
tame, domesticate, man, charm
tame, subdue, mortify, pacify, break in, manage
train, tame, break, break in
имя прилагательное
(of an animal) not dangerous or frightened of people; domesticated.
the fish are so tame you have to push them away from your face mask
(of a plant) produced by cultivation.
My family moved to this location about 3 years ago when there wasn't a single tame plant on the place.
domesticate (an animal).
wild rabbits can be kept in captivity and eventually tamed
If an animal is domesticated or tame , there would be lesser reason to fear that such an animal would pose a threat to the public.
Compared with the second half the opening half was a tame affair.
Villagers believe the shaman uses black magic to help tame the elephant and sever ties to the mother.
I didn't like the bars and my social life was pretty tame and domestic.
It takes all the fun out of it if people think you have a tame journalist rather than being able to command headlines on your own merits.
Children enjoy the farm setting and the tame farm animals.
Reports in Shanghai's usually tame newspapers complained that journalists were barred from approaching the mine.
Be aware that injured animals, even tame pets will bite savagely if given a chance.
He has never encountered any tame animals besides dogs.
It was a pretty tame affair compared to last year.