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tambourine / бубен, тамбурин
имя существительное
tambourine, timbrel
tambourine, timbrel, tabor, tabour
имя существительное
a percussion instrument resembling a shallow drum with small metal disks in slots around the edge, played by being shaken or hit with the hand.
Musical groups danced the samba all the way, beating bongo drums and shaking tambourines .
I then used it to record additional percussion, including tambourine , djembe, shaker and bass drum.
This page is great for inspiration as it suggests ways of making a tambourine , drum, chimes, horn, cymbals, xylophone, guitar, comb buzzer and hand bells.
Percussion is composed of sleigh bells, tambourine , xylophone and kettle drums.
The angels are playing a collection of musical instruments, including the harp, tambourine , cymbals, lyre and psaltery.
I play guitar, bass drum, a tambourine on my foot and a snare drum.
He seemed more at home with the crowd when he came up front to sing a couple of songs with his tambourine .
The primary instruments are the viola (a plucked, metal stringed instrument), tambourine , and caixa (a type of drum).
They concluded the set properly by inviting two audience members to grace the stage to shake a pair of tambourines and their booties as well.
Many tambourinists hold the instrument still and move only the hand that is striking it.
Some looked like variants of things I recognized; there were string instruments like lutes or small guitars, there were drums, chimes, tambourines .