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tamarind / тамаринд
имя существительное
имя существительное
sticky brown acidic pulp from the pod of a tree of the pea family, widely used as a flavoring in Asian cooking.
Add the fish sauce, palm sugar, lime or tamarind , and thin coconut milk.
the tropical African tree that yields tamarind, cultivated throughout the tropics and also grown as an ornamental and shade tree.
The exhibition includes a South African ficus, a tamarind with pods, elephant grass from Africa, cherry, bougainvillaea, fig, Accacia and trees collected from forests.
In a funky setting, explore artfully presented skewered meats, seafood and rice, perfumed with tamarind , coconut milk, anise, chillies, garlic and ginger.
We developed this glaze based on tamarind and palm sugar - two flavours that are often found together in South East Asian cooking.
I tried a few new recipes, but nothing too exotic, because I wasn't sure how to go about finding galangal, shrimp paste, fenugreek, black cumin, or tamarind .
Put tamarind pods in a small saucepan and barely cover with boiling water.
My favorite of these was an appetizer of braised yellowtail tuna served in a milky, aromatic dressing made with ginger and tamarind .
Soak the tamarind in 1 1/2 cups of water, squeeze well and strain out the juice.
There, you're welcomed by every conceivable fruit tree - oranges, tamarind and mango to name a few.
It had been cleaned in the morning and they could see a heap of faded flowers at the foot of a tamarind tree nearby.
There are three other chutneys - tamarind , mint and milder coconut - from which to choose, along with a panoply of yogurt salads, marinated vegetables and pickle relishes.
Add the fish sauce, palm sugar, lime or tamarind , and thin coconut milk.