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talus / осыпь, таранная кость, скат
имя существительное
таранная кость
talus, astragalus
slope, ramp, stingray, chute, skate, talus
slope, escarpment, bank, scarp, escarp, talus
diluvium, talus
имя существительное
the large bone in the ankle that articulates with the tibia of the leg and the calcaneum and navicular bone of the foot.
The ankle joint is formed by the articulation of the talus with the tibia and fibula.
a sloping mass of rock fragments at the foot of a cliff.
Along these exposed fault scarps, 500 m or more high, not only can the nature of oceanic crust be examined, but complex patterns of fault breccias, talus , and lavas can be discerned.
The talus is an architectural feature of some late medieval castles, especially prevalent in crusader constructions.
Litters are born in the talus (rock piles) and weaned at 3-4 weeks after birth.
Rain cascades down glacier carved valleys, gathering with the steady, icy melt to roam through the talus and house-sized boulders.
The tarsal tunnel, which is located on the medial aspect of the posterior heel, is bounded by the flexor retinaculum and the medial surfaces of the talus and calcaneus.
Scrambling up the talus slope, the cave entrance is easy to spot on the right side.
We stepped gingerly onto the talus and then froze immediately when we heard yelling below: We were kicking rocks down onto other teams.
A ewe, two lambs, and a young ram picked their way up a talus slope until they disappeared by blending perfectly into the surrounding rocks.
These wrens breed in rocky habitats, such as canyons, coulees, outcroppings, and talus slopes in the steppe and dry forests.
It was decided that Paul would be slid down the talus slope in a stokes litter, and we all pitched in to wrestle him down.
We clawed our way up a high mountain ridge covered in fine, shifting talus and on the far side got caught in a thunderstorm.