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tally / число, бирка, ярлык
имя существительное
number, date, numeric, tally, tale
tag, label, tally
label, tag, tab, ticket, stamp, tally
count, calculate, tally, compute, tally up, figure
coincide, match, fit, concur, tally, dovetail
correspond, match, meet, fit, conform, tally
имя существительное
a current score or amount.
that takes his tally to 10 goals in 10 games
a label attached to a plant or tree, or stuck in the ground beside it, that gives information about it, such as its name and class.
The tally itself is what is known as the "package label" of the nurserymen, being six inches long, one and one-fourth inches wide, and costing (painted) less than one and one-half dollars a thousand.
agree or correspond.
their signatures should tally with their names on the register
calculate the total number of.
the votes were being tallied with abacuses
The news of economic prosperity doesn't tally with the headlines in the newspapers.
It seems that the abacus started life as a humble tray covered with nothing more than dust or sand, upon which the ‘operator’ could draw figures or tally marks.
It is therefore important for speech writers to recognise the fact that, whatever they scribble, should tally with the audience or expectations of the listeners.
The way observations tally with detailed calculations provides firm support for the model.
And I was keeping a tally of every time Stella says ‘Superb.’
They say his actions, which destabilise, don't tally with the talk.
One familiar approach is to arrange the tally marks in groups, making four parallel strokes and then a fifth cross-stroke.
their signatures should tally with their names on the register
I got up from the couch and, holding my arm to steady it, went over to the wall and made a faint mark for the sixth tally with the buckle from my sandal before going back and lying down.
This tally included briskly-taken goals from the elusive Fabio Cretaro and Brian Walsh, an extremely reliable forward.