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tallow / жир, сало, твердый жир
имя существительное
fat, grease, tallow, lard, stuff
fat, lard, tallow, grease, sludge, axunge
твердый жир
grease, lubricate, smear, oil, anoint, tallow
имя существительное
a hard fatty substance made from rendered animal fat, used in making candles and soap.
Coal was initially used to supply domestic heat and fuel; to heat pans of sea-water to produce salt, of fats to make tallow for soap and candles, or of molasses to refine sugar; and in forges to heat iron and other metals.
smear (something, especially the bottom of a boat) with tallow.
She was then tarred and/or tallowed and refit for sea.
Richer folk lit their homes with candles made from beeswax or whale oil, whilst poorer folk had to make do with smelly, smoky tallow candles made from animal fat.
From its large port, London regularly sent out vessels laden with animal hides, whale oil, tallow , dried fish and meats, fertiliser and wools.
They are against proposals to install two tanks for tallow - animal fat melted down - at Erlings Works, in Half Acre Road.
Robe supplied horses for the Indian Army and wool, tallow and sheepskins for Europe.
In the spring, my two brothers and I made candles from tallow , tanned hides, and helped sheer the sheep.
Basically it is fair to say that humans have been burning candles since someone figured out how to transform animal fat into tallow that would burn
This ingenious product has been analysed by officials and it contains such substances as beef tallow , vegetable materials and synthetic laboratory-sourced ingredients, but no trace of a cow in the chain.
For three years Fibrogen has burned meat, bonemeal and tallow rendered down from the carcasses of older cattle.
It was also used by the ancient Romans, as is evidenced by the writings of Pliny, who described a method for making soap by boiling goat tallow with alkali wood ashes.
After clothes and linens had been thoroughly rubbed and scrubbed using homemade soap made from beef tallow and lye (soap-making is another whole story), they were wrung out by hand and placed in a second tub to be rinsed.