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talking-to / выговор
имя существительное
rebuke, reprimand, pronunciation, scolding, reproof, talking-to
имя существительное
a sharp reprimand in which someone is told that they have done wrong.
Furthermore, I saw from the first month that she generally gave delinquents no more than a stern talking-to , followed by a pat on the back, rather than suspensions, detentions, or any other meaningful punishment.
Dad was a little less pleased; hey, he's not exactly my biggest fan, so when I trash the van I can expect a little talking-to .
However, the kids were not up for a talking-to , because the more she yelled, the less they listened.
Kelly changed the nature of his troublemaking - or at least started thinking about changing it - after a stern talking-to from a Gonzaga priest.
The new ‘headmaster’ of the Church of England gave his ‘squabbling pupils’ a stern talking-to yesterday, calling for unity - and won plaudits for his troubles.
The bully we mentioned in number 2, who has grown up a lot and become mates with my brother, notices this, and gives the lad a talking-to , and let's be honest, a thump.
I received a serious talking-to on Friday from a colleague of mine known as Sweet Roslyn - her parents clearly having been enamoured, when she was born, of some of Shakespeare's lighter works.
The look she gave Champignon promised quite a talking-to .
I remember my science teacher giving me a talking-to after I had received a paper that she had just finished grading.
I didn't know what he was offering to do, but I knew it didn't involve giving Jason a stern talking-to .
I finished my affair because my sister gave me a serious talking-to and made me see what I was doing.