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talkie / звуковое кино
имя существительное
звуковое кино
talkies, talkie
имя существительное
a movie with a soundtrack, as distinct from a silent film.
There were several silents, several early talkies and 15 other films between 1935-49 about Louis Vance's Michael Lanyard, the jewel thief-turned hero.
Like many early talkies , this film alternates between stretches of awkward pantomime and stretches of clumsy dialogue.
The transition from silent movies to talkies destroyed many actors' careers, as did the shift from black-and-white to color.
The talkies had arrived a decade earlier and, although British films were still popular, American culture was starting to influence us.
Tune back to the early days of talkies , and remember an era before television.
The short was produced in Hollywood in 1931-the early days of the talkies - when it was common practice for films to be cranked out in various language versions for foreign markets.
Almost immediately after the arrival of talkies , film songs came out as 78-rpm plates.
It's easy to understand why opponents of early talkies decried them as a step backward in the art of film-making when silent films had reached this level of wit and sophistication.
In the 1930s, monster movies were the staples of Universal Pictures' line-up, a cash cow as the industry metamorphosed from silent films to talkies .
The film suffers from the wooden, stiff readings, the lengthy pauses, and the near-screaming that was common in the early talkies .
The films to be screened include silent films and talkies .