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talisman / талисман
имя существительное
mascot, talisman, amulet, phylactery, joss, medicine
имя существительное
an object, typically an inscribed ring or stone, that is thought to have magic powers and to bring good luck.
I wouldn't say that I performed any rituals, per se, but I was on the lookout for talismans , good luck charms - I was big on minerals, and took to wearing jewelry.
The book is a magical talisman , and it remains to be seen whether the luck it brings is good or bad.
a dolphin talisman would ensure a safe journey on land or at sea
he called me his good luck talisman
Dressed in purple robes, he cast a spell invoking the elements of earth, air, water and fire and threw a talisman into the murky loch.
Robbed of one of their principal ball-winners and their talismanic playmaker, a tough night was always going to lie ahead.
Animal figures are talismans that endow the wearer with the animal's power and prowess.
The shop Goya on Calle Jimenez sells toad talismans , owl feathers, stone amulets, candles, gems, and soaps.
Making a face, Ethan dug into his jacket pockets, producing an astounding array of charms, talismans , herbs, and potions in corked test-tubes.
The door was shut and sealed with charms and talismans to keep away evil spirits or in this case, those who might want to steal the elemental gem inside.
He appeared before Portsmouth Magistrates yesterday dressed in a green robe, blue cloak and with talismans around his neck.