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talent / талант, талантливость, дар
имя существительное
talent, gift, endowment, dowry
gift, grant, donation, talent, endowment, boon
имя существительное
natural aptitude or skill.
he possesses more talent than any other player
a former weight and unit of currency, used especially by the ancient Romans and Greeks.
So set my ransom as you wish, tribune -- calculated in talents not sesterces.
Late in life she showed a talent for understanding technical briefings.
Simon is a talent to watch
Throughout his long career, Domingo has been devoted to fostering the next generation of talent .
Madison is a refreshing mature artist with natural talent and strong views about all aspects of her music and career.
Jazz came to town at the weekend with Bingley becoming home to some of the nation's brightest jazz talent .
He is recognised in Victorian state cricket as a player who possesses a substantial degree of natural talent .
Trusting in her talent and staying in touch with reality seems to have been the wisest career plan of all so far.
Kate was a popular pupil at school, with a talent for art, music and drama.
Son of Imelda and Tom, Emmet showed great artistic talent and ability from a very early age.
most Saturday nights I have this urge to go on the hunt for new talent