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talc / тальк, жировик, стеатит
имя существительное
talc, talcum powder, talcum
wen, testudo, talc, steatite, talcum
steatite, soapstone, talc, talcum
посыпать тальком
talc, talcum
обрабатывать тальком
talc, talcum
имя существительное
talcum powder.
Body washes, shampoos, liquid talc , massaging balms and skin lotions are all priced at £3.99 (available at Boots).
powder or treat (something) with talc.
Why would I be wanting to make myself sweat when I am already spending so much time talcing every day, without taking even one step?
Body washes, shampoos, liquid talc , massaging balms and skin lotions are all priced at £3.99 (available at Boots).
Among the products that were marketed were emeralds, tourmalines, aquamarine, amethyst, citrini and industrial minerals such as talc and lime.
Further investigation led to biopsy through a bronchoscope, which showed crystals, identified as talc (magnesium silicate).
Thus, these results suggest that many patients may be experiencing clinically significant hypoxemia, which could be reduced by the use of graded talc with its smallest particles removed.
Inorganic materials such as glass, talc , mica, and calcium carbonate are additives and fillers currently used in plastics for, say, the auto industry, and add significant weight to parts.
Popping off the lid, he sprinkled some of the white talc onto the clasps of the briefcase, blowing the excess off so that it wouldn't be visible.
Crystals reach more than 25 cm in length and 2 cm in width and are associated with a mass of fine-grained talc .
Gibbs concluded that the different prevalences of pleural calcification in some mining areas might be related to a mineral closely associated with chrysotile, such as mica or talc .
He tries for another angle but I have gone, red-faced and tripping over the edge of the step machine as I retreat, escaping to the white towels and curious-smelling talc in the changing rooms.
Apparently talc and asbestos are similar, and apparently deposits of that kind of stone were indigenous to the northern part of the Appalachian range.