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taker / берущий, тот, кто принимает пари
имя существительное
тот, кто принимает пари
имя существительное
a person who takes a specified thing.
a drug-taker
a person who takes a bet or accepts an offer or challenge.
there were plenty of takers when I offered a small wager
Interestingly, the film is lying in the cans because it did not find any takers .
On the restart Mitchell wriggled along the byline and looked on in frustration when his dangerous cross found no takers .
There were no takers for her offer, for everyone seemed to want a lively dance instead.
After nearly four months on the market there have been no takers for one of the biggest empty factories in the York area.
There would be plenty of takers further afield, but the farm doesn't have the manpower to run it.
Outside, the touts are charging £90 for a seat in the stalls, with no shortage of takers .
Poultry shops like this one in Triplicane are finding fewer takers these days due to the bird influenza scare.
A discourse for which there were few takers earlier began to sound plausible.
Civil liberties groups try periodically to make internment a cause célèbre, but find few takers .
While the suggestions to compensate the owners were many, not too many of these found takers .