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takeout / вывезти, брать, вынимать
take out, remove, export, bring, bring out
take, get, accept, take out, take in, reach
take out, lay out, pull out, get out, dismount
имя существительное
food that is cooked and sold by a restaurant or store to be eaten elsewhere.
let’s just order takeout
a bid in a different suit made in response to a bid or double by one's partner.
When your opponent asks for an explanation of a no-trump overcall, state that your partner has ten to fifteen points, the bid is artificial, and it is for takeout .
For dinner, we got takeout from our favorite cheap Thai and ate it in front of the TV.
One interesting facet, he adds, is that during the last four to five years, restaurant takeout has slowed while frozen dinners and entrées have picked up.
At the end of the day, Amy was usually too tired to cook, so she dined on takeout pizza or Chinese food.
She had a half eaten carton of Malaysian takeout on her thigh and an arm wrapped around her beaten back pack.
Hodge says Lay is often seen ordering takeout food from one of his favorite restaurants.
On the way, we stopped and got some takeout food at a little Scottish restaurant they have down here called ‘McDonalds’.
A few days before, we were finishing a meal of takeout Chinese food when he asked me which fortune cookie was his?
He turned up on her doorstep that evening with a bottle of wine and takeout cartons of Middle Eastern food.
takeout pizza
I doubled for takeout, eliciting a 4NT reply from Robson