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take-off / взлет, подъем, отрыв от земли
имя существительное
takeoff, start, blast-off
rise, lifting, lift, climb, ascent, up
отрыв от земли
takeoff, lift-off
имя существительное
the action of becoming airborne.
the plane accelerated down the runway for takeoff
an act of mimicking someone or something.
a pleasant takeoff on some Everly Brothers routine
The pilot was going to spend the afternoon flying round and round in circles practicing his take-off and landing techniques.
The aircraft is suitable for operation from forward air bases, with short take-off and landing capability.
Brief glimpses of Bleak House and Great Expectations are followed by a wonderfully witty take-off of A Christmas Carol, with skateboarding ghosts and Tiny Tim on electric guitar.
Throttle control is by mouth throttle for take-off and once in flight, by small levers at the side of the seat.
the plane accelerated down the runway for take-off
Crosswinds of up to 30 knots can be accommodated on aircraft take-off or landing with or without stores.
The system is designed for full automatic take-off and landing.
The pogos drop onto the runway as the aircraft lifts and the ground maintenance crew retrieve them immediately after take-off .
Whether or not he gets back in one piece depends very much on a successful take-off and ascent to a relatively calm cruising altitude of up to 45,000 ft.
The take-off is flawless; a steep climb has the aircraft high by strip's end to avoid the possibility of ground-fire.