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tajik / таджикский
имя прилагательное
Tajik, Tadzhik
имя существительное
Tajik, Tadzhik
таджикский язык
Tajik, Tadzhik
Tajik, Tadzhik
имя прилагательное
of or relating to Tajikistan, the Tajiks, or their language.
One of the few areas where a pan-Afghan identity has emerged is through popular music, which is a hybrid of the Pashtun musical style with a lot of Tajik language.
имя существительное
a member of a mainly Muslim people inhabiting Tajikistan and parts of neighboring countries.
The people of the area are mostly Tajiks , a Muslim ethnic minority who speak an Iranian language.
the Iranian language of the Tajiks.
In the first years after independence many non-Central Asian peoples emigrated because of the establishment of Tajiki as the official language, dissatisfaction with the standard of living, and fear of political violence.
Paul Bergne, a former Ambassador to Uzbekistan who speaks fluent Tajik , was briefed earlier this week.
But the plan is for many of the cabinet positions to have ethnic Tajiks , ethnic Uzbeks, and other ethnicities to even out the cabinet along with the leadership.
The officer corps before 1963 was not all-inclusive, however, and was dominated by Pashtuns and Tajiks .
Our young Afghan translator, a Tajik who had studied English for one year in high school in Pakistan, improved his command of English daily, too.
Since the tenth century, the Tajiks have been ruled by others, mostly Turks and Russians.
Because there was no bridge to cross the river, people from the Hazara village, located above Kakrag, were forced to cross the Tajik villagers' farmland with their carts.
We could be stopped by Tajik guards and sent back, forced to retrace our journey in reverse.
None of the languages of the Shughni-Rushani group has achieved the status of a written language, although recently attempts have been made to design a suitable script for Shughni; Tajik or Persian is generally used for writing.
Our committee is working for the promotion of cricket throughout Afghanistan, and we don't care if people are Uzbek, Tajik , Afghan or Persian.
Afghanistan's interim cabinet is made up of 11 Pashtuns, eight Tajiks , five Hazaras, three Uzbeks and three people from other ethnic groups.