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taiwan / Тайвань
имя существительное
Taiwan, Formosa
имя существительное
an island country off the southeastern coast of China; population 22,974,300 (est. 2009); capital, Taipei; language, Mandarin Chinese (official).
This makes it an important part of Taiwanese history and it thus of course falls within the scope of the exam.
There's no denying that Taiwanese director Ang Lee is extraordinarily versatile.
So, we feel that by having multiple side items we can appeal to the normal Taiwanese style of eating.
He is known for his consideration of contemporary Taiwanese manners and morals.
Volunteers in the Taiwanese trial were taught to stimulate a point on the ankle known as the Sanyinjiao point.
A Taiwanese said he had visited Shenzhen three times and hoped to find a job there.
In fact, she says, such an attitude toward life is a microcosm of that of the Taiwanese people.
the capital of Taiwan
Hou's new film fails to engage with either Japanese or Taiwanese life in any serious manner.
Like Yuan, many Taiwanese artists make strong political statements in a subtle way.