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tailored / сделанный на заказ, сделанный портным, выполненный в строгом стиле
имя прилагательное
сделанный на заказ
bespoke, tailored, custom, bespoken, made-to-order, made-to-measure
сделанный портным
выполненный в строгом стиле
оформленный в строгом стиле
имя прилагательное
(of clothes) smart, fitted, and well cut.
a tailored charcoal-gray suit
(of a tailor) make (clothes) to fit individual customers.
he was wearing a sports coat that had obviously been tailored in New York
The groom is wearing his tailored black tuxedo with cummerbund and all the classic details.
In an effort to boost pride in York, it was agreed cabbies should wear smart suits, tailored trousers and black dress shoes in winter.
In addition, you're sure to find a lot of merino wool in stores, as well as plenty of sharp, tailored suits.
Avoid keeping things in your suit pocket if it's a slim-fitting, tailored suit.
I looked down upon my beautifully tailored costume.
Dressed in a silver-patterned silk shirt and tailored trousers, he exudes self-confidence.
What is the least I can expect to pay for a decent tailored suit?
So perhaps try some tailored pants (and a tailored vest if you go that route)
You can picture Eriksson in his tailored white suit and panama hat, travelling the continents and inspecting his crops.
We can offer beautifully tailored jackets, trouser suits, skirts and dresses at very competitive prices.