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tailor-made / мужского покроя, сделанный по заказу, специально приготовленный
имя прилагательное
мужского покроя
сделанный по заказу
специально приготовленный
имя прилагательное
(of clothes) made by a tailor for a particular customer.
tailor-made suits
имя существительное
a garment that has been specially made for a particular customer.
a lady in a red tailor-made
Al wore a tailor-made suit, the best clothes he had worn in several years.
Situated in the centre of the Barony of Erris, Belmullet lies between the bays of Broadhaven to the north, and Blacksod to the south and is tailor-made for such a festival.
Young's presented the Steeton youngster with a tailor-made chef's outfit - complete with hat and chequered trousers - to mark his sixth birthday.
He's elegantly dressed in a dark-blue tailor-made suit, the hair on his balding head is neatly trimmed and his voice is deep and mellow.
The weather and the soggy pitch were tailor-made for the traditional New Zealand strengths of grinding forward play, and they held the edge throughout in the front five in an unattractive encounter.
The school offers an education that is tailor-made to the needs of each pupil, enabling them to develop confidence and the skills needed to overcome whatever learning problems they may have.
Reputed software training centres of national and international standards can bring out students whose knowledge will be tailor-made for various applications.
He dressed in tailor-made suits and had a professional air about him.
Checking e-mail is just about tailor-made for this purpose.
This course is tailor-made to help those responsible change their behaviour.