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tailor / портной, торговец мужским платьем
имя существительное
tailor, clothier, snipper, fitter, fashioner, sartor
торговец мужским платьем
sew, stitch, tailor, make up, needle, machine
быть портным
специально приспосабливать
имя существительное
a person whose occupation is making fitted clothes such as suits, pants, and jackets to fit individual customers.
While custom tailors sold individually fitted suits and other personalized apparel, they increasingly rationalized the production process in order to reduce basic costs.
(of a tailor) make (clothes) to fit individual customers.
he was wearing a sports coat that had obviously been tailored in New York
Just before her death it is believed she took the blue uniform jacket into a tailor in Eton so that she could be fitted with a new garment.
Winter fishing is good now and last week-end there were many encouraging reports of tailor , jew, bream, flathead and blackfish.
The Byron area has quietened off a tad but tailor are still around along with bream and dart.
Chances are your tailor has made thousands of suits and he knows what he's doing, nevertheless, ask questions and provide feedback.
Now I have the tailor make the family clothes in the same colour I have chosen for the bath towels.
We often associate Easter with the start of the better tailor , bream and blackfish fishing, and indications already are that this is happening.
Since Christmas, I've taken four pairs of trousers to a tailor , paying £8 each time to have them taken up an inch.
To get a last go at the tailor a number of anglers took off to Fraser Island.
One spot that responded with some nice fish was the lagoon at Lennox Head, where there were some nice tailor and at least one good king fish taken at high tide.
If up early you can pick up the odd tailor or bream off the beaches or headlands.