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tailcoat / фрак
имя существительное
tail-coat, tails, evening dress, tail, swallowtail, dress-coat
имя существительное
a man's formal morning or evening coat, with a long skirt divided at the back into tails and cut away in front.
These tailcoats and top hats with over 5,000 sequins hand-glued are still an amazing sight to see on stage, even after rescuing them from 26 years of sitting in a shed!
It consisted of a green tailcoat with golden buttons and decorations, a white shirt and black trousers.
Hence he'd done what was expected from him as the grade, fraternity and school head boy - Akinori had dressed up in his black tailcoat with white lace shirt, shoes and tie, combed his ebony hair neatly.
At the top of the stairs was another speaker with a pointy nose and impassive face, wearing a tailcoat and slacks.
Almost simultaneously a four-horse carriage appeared at the opposite end of the street driven by a short, fat man in a tailcoat .
Prince Alvin was wearing a brilliant black, velvet tailcoat and black britches that looked stunning with his golden crown.
Tugging at my neckcloth, I went to the washstand to be met in the mirror by a gangly figure in a threadbare tailcoat and homespun stockings more gray than white.
A penniless Fred, still in striped pants, tailcoat , and spats, hops a freight for New York, with Pop in tow.
Wednesday, the ambassador's wife, formally dressed in top hat and tailcoat , was scheduled to ride a stallion named High Voltage in an international horse show.
His silk cravat suddenly felt as though it may choke him at any moment and his navy blue tailcoat seemed overbearing.
As we turned the corner to the formal entrance to the Senate, university constables in tailcoats and top hats pulled back the heavy iron-railing gates to let us pass.