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taffy / ириска, лесть, валлиец
имя существительное
toffee, taffy, toffy, taffy-toffy
flattery, adulation, sycophancy, cajolery, palaver, taffy
Welshman, taffy
имя существительное
a candy similar to toffee, made from sugar or molasses, boiled with butter and pulled until glossy.
We gorged ourselves on boardwalk treats: caramel apples, cotton candy, salt water taffy , hot waffles and ice cream.
insincere flattery.
She looked over to see Leslie giving a reluctant child a piece of saltwater taffy .
They visited a few obscure shops, that turned out to be awesome, including a little old-fashioned taffy shop, where they made fresh taffy each hour, in so many different flavours.
His legs felt like taffy : thin, ropy strands that had been pulled too far.
They made one last stop at the small pink and white striped salt-water taffy shop that sold the best salt-water taffy that could be imagined.
Think of taffy : When it's cold and you try to bend it, it breaks.
Looking at a paper, he found his locker; put his hand on the lock, only to realize there was taffy intentionally stuck there.
This is expected if extensive reconnection is occurring, because as the magnetic fields stretch, the reconnection layer also stretches, like taffy being pulled.
Good calamari is like good taffy : stretchy and tasty.
Their bodies are nearly indestructible, and can twist and turn into any design, like taffy .
November featured both All Saints' Day and Saint Catherine's Day, during which it was a French Canadian custom to pull taffy .