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tactic / тактика, действия
имя существительное
tactics, tactic
doing, tactic
имя прилагательное
tactical, tactic
имя существительное
an action or strategy carefully planned to achieve a specific end.
His tactic is to approach strangers asking for money, often bursting into tears.
I mused over this for a few moments before picking the tactic I thought would reap the best results.
It's a wise tactic , and one that helps keep her performances honest, raw and real.
At two schools at which he has used the same tactic , grades have improved through the homework ban.
He copied the tactic to win his first race and continues to ride with the same enthusiasm six years on.
There are signs that the tactic is paying off, even among staunch supporters of evolution.
A favourite tactic is to slowly move up and down the platform quietly expelling air.
Once he spotted Dylan, his musical hero, at an airport and tried the same tactic .
the minority attempted to control the Council by a delaying tactic
This is a deliberate tactic to cover up the cheaper prices of my bus trips.
This is our usual tactic , to let her wake up all the way before we go in and get her out of bed.