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tacky / липкий, обшарпанный, броский
имя прилагательное
sticky, adhesive, tacky, clammy, gummy, gooey
tacky, threadbare, grot
splashy, tacky, snazzy, technicolor, technicolour
имя прилагательное
(of glue, paint, or other substances) retaining a slightly sticky feel; not fully dry.
the paint was still tacky
showing poor taste and quality.
even in her faintly tacky costumes, she won our hearts
Which makes it all the more inexcusable that so many restaurants spend a fortune on furnishings then stick tacky art on their walls.
It looked like it could have been held together with tacky glue and scotch tape.
I will be out trolling the streets of Long Island, looking for the most tasteless, tacky decorations I can find.
Vinyl is only tacky when it masquerades as leather.
If a fibre is mechanically extruded from a solution of (natural or artificial) silk protein just like pulling a thread from tacky glue, the fibre is still not as strong as real silk thread.
This paint was tacky rather than wet, but it was clearly brand new.
You can use great stuff but if you put it into a tacky glass, the drink's integrity immediately goes down.
The chairs were tacky metal with pinky-brown covering on the seat and the back, but very comfortable.
Rachel took up some newspaper and stuck it to the portions of the wallpaper that were tacky but not yet stuck to his person.
One reason was that the surface states of the component materials were tacky .