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tackle / снасти, принадлежности, инструмент
имя существительное
tackle, gear, rigging, rope, ropes, cordage
accessories, materials, belongings, gear, paraphernalia, tackle
tool, instrument, implement, tackle, apparatus, engine
tackle, polyspast
device, adaptation, accommodation, adjustment, attachment, tackle
seize, catch, take hold of, grapple, capture, tackle
beat, fight, struggle, chip, pound, tackle
энергично браться
tackle, lay, attack, bestir oneself
seize, suffice, snatch, last, claw, tackle
select, take away, choose, pick, cull, tackle
имя существительное
the equipment required for a task or sport.
fishing tackle
a mechanism consisting of ropes, pulley blocks, hooks, or other things for lifting heavy objects.
They pumped out water and used ropes and tackle to lift and pull pieces of the aircraft apart to conduct a search for hazardous components.
an act of seizing and stopping a player in possession of the ball by knocking them to the ground.
He does not break as many tackles as one might expect from a player of his dimensions.
a player who lines up inside the end along the line of scrimmage.
The team is serious about drafting a right offensive tackle in the early rounds.
make determined efforts to deal with (a problem or difficult task).
police have launched an initiative to tackle rising crime
A reasonable head of smaller fish, including Roach and Rudd offers the chance of good sport on light tackle .
If you choose to take your own tackle for boat fishing then you need fairly hefty gear.
fishing tackle
police have launched an initiative to tackle rising crime
Without a legitimate starting defensive tackle on their roster, the Eagles must get one.
The other way to utilize your light tackle is fishing from your dinghy.
Then came the call of one of the local sailors who was fixing the tackle on the side of the ship.
Over the winter I have equipped myself with tackle suitable for catching large pike.
Remember to leave all that heavy tackle at home and to travel as light as possible.
If you are planning - or forced - to ride out a storm at anchor, you must deploy your tackle so you are riding on at least two huge or three really big anchors at all times.