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tacit / молчаливый, подразумеваемый, не выраженный словами
имя прилагательное
silent, tacit, taciturn, mute, uncommunicative, dumb
implied, implicit, tacit, constructive
не выраженный словами
имя прилагательное
understood or implied without being stated.
your silence may be taken to mean tacit agreement
Will they ever come to terms with what was done in their names and, for the most part, with their tacit approval?
It did so, first by claiming the right, and then by seeking the express or tacit support of other countries.
No regime can rule by force alone - they usually rule by consent, whether tacit or explicit.
The tacit understanding is that whatever else happens inside is a matter between consenting adults.
Even in conservative Hong Kong, there was a sense of tacit support and envy.
There is tacit recognition of this fact within government circles.
The tacit admission reinforces the grimmest lesson of the American atrocities.
It is submitted that this represented no more than a tacit understanding between staff members.
In some states tacit agreements may strengthen the majorities of each party in its own constituencies.
Part of the tacit deal, on the evidence of yesterday's speech, is that he goes soft on Labour.