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tachometer / тахометр
имя существительное
tachometer, tachymeter, counter, velocity gauge
имя существительное
an instrument that measures the working speed of an engine (especially in a road vehicle), typically in revolutions per minute.
Drivers watch their tachometers , which monitor RPMs, to get an idea of how fast they are going.
The other delight to this car, and it only really reveals itself when you tear your attention away from the tachometer , is the suspension.
There are also new designs to the analogue speedometer and tachometer , together with digital clock and outside temperature gauge built into the fascia above the centre console.
Allowable equipment is usually limited to a compass, chart and tachometer .
Your eyes are riveted to the fuel and engine gauges - flow meter, mixture, tachometer , manifold pressure.
That's because one is conventional: it uses light bulbs to illuminate the speedometer, tachometer , etc.
I noted his tachometer , radar detector and exhaust pipe.
There was a tachometer in the cockpit but no tach drive to connect it with the engine.
Simultaneously, a transparent display rises from above the wheel and is illuminated by ultra-violet light to reveal the speedometer and tachometer .
These components, in conjunction with one of the chips next to them, convert the signal from the tachometer into a signal that the processor can understand.
There are also aspects that add to the internal sporty appeal of the car like the metallic dashboard embellishment and the white dials of the instrument cluster, along with the tachometer .